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Brief Introduction to Shenzhen Zqgame Co.,Ltd


Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Zqgame Co.,Ltd (or Zqgame for short) is one of the earliest online gaming companies combining online game development, operation and distribution, and it is also the first A-share listed game company here in China(Stock Ticker: 300052). Under the strategy of “Game plus Cloud Service”, and with the international market as the guide, and cloud service as the new starting point, Zqgame has made the transformation in business structure as well as management mode, and formed a layout with the pillar consisting of red games(games based on Chinese people’s resistance against fascist and imperialist), mobile games and cloud gaming.

Reputation of the Company

High-tech Enterprise at National Level; Key Software Enterprise under National Planning Layout; Major Cultural Export Enterprise at National Level; Culture-plus-Technology-based Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in Shenzhen; Member of 5G Cloud Gaming Industry Alliance; Integrity Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong; 2009 China Software Industry Contribution Award for Promoting College Student Employment; Outstanding Internet Enterprise Online Game Award of Futian District; Leading Enterprise of Independent Innovation of Futian District.

Reputation of the Game Series

War of Resistance was awarded the Innovation Award of the 13th China International Software Expo as a national online game demonstration project; Bright Sword was awarded the Outstanding Work Award of Digital Publishing of the 4th China Digital Publishing Expo; God of War OL was awarded the Golden Page Award and the “Top 10 Most Anticipating Web Games of 2012”.

Digital Entertainment

Red Games with Patriotic Themes:We insist on the operation principle of designing “national, patriotic and healthy” online games to develop more red online games which show respect for history and patriotism, and aim to design the best national online games by holding high the banner of Chinese culture.
Development and Operation of High-Quality Mobile Games:As young players increase, we will develop more high-quality mobile games that suit the preference of the youth in the fields of role-playing, sports competition, two-dimensional space, war strategy and social games.
Super Cultural and Creative IP Strategy: Based on patriotism and Chinese national cultural IP, we will build a whole industry chain consisting of film and animation, online literature, interactive games, AR/VR experience games, as well as peripheral products.
Cloud Computing:With professional cloud data center, cloud value-added service and big data service as the main business direction, we are committed to providing high-quality resource support and data service for global enterprise users.
Blockchain Application Solutions:We provide customized schemes for various industries with the use of Blockchain Infrastructure Cloud Platform, Blockchain Plus, Blockchain BaaS Applications, and Blockchain Application Products in the Innovation Field.
Cloud Gaming:With the three key techs of high-density PC placement, the remote extension of human-machine interface and high-efficiency management, we provide basic hardware product schemes for cloud gaming platforms and promise a rich user experience.

Corporate Mold

It is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to help the needy; and it is also a social responsibility of the enterprise to give back to society. Since its establishment, Zqgame has made more than 100 donations for charitable causes, making great contributions to accumulating social wealth, creating jobs and boosting economic and social recovery and development.