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CEO Speech

Li Yilun

  • Major in Business Economics, University of California, USA
  • 2020 “Dengyun Award” cutting-edge figure
  • General Manager of Shenzhen Zqgame Co., Ltd
  • Executive Director and General Manager of Shenzhen Big Interractive Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Executive of Shenzhen Small Technology Co., Ltd.

  It was once said that we were standing on the shoulders of giants. I did not deny it, for that was true at the time. Now we are known by the many, and we have become the “giant”. I am glad that our efforts have been recognized, and I want to lead our company into being the industry leader, whether it is technology, online games, capital, or our creative real estate.

Li Yilun, General Manager of Shenzhen Zqgame Co.,Ltd

Li Yilun
male, Han nationality, was born in Shenzhen,
Foreign Name: Alan
Native Place: Jieyang, Guangdong
Father: Li Ruijie
Mother: Zhang Yunxia,
In 2021, Li yilun led the development of products such as The Last Shot, Dream in the Sky, Defend the Tower, A Dream in Wonderland and King 3D. 
In January 2020, Li presided over the launch of Zqgame Cloud game strategy conference, promoted the release of “Fast Cloud Game” platform, and committed to building a new game company with leading power.
In 2021, Zqgame launched its first Metauniverse game, Brewmaster.